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Handling unresolved settlements with tenants
Handling unresolved settlements with tenants
Updated over a week ago

What should I do if a settlement is not reached with a tenant?

Whether the tenant disputes the charges or the case is automatically accepted, you will need to upload any outstanding evidence to your dashboard.

How will I know what evidence is outstanding?

Outstanding evidence will be highlighted in red on your Reposit dashboard. This indicates where documents were not originally uploaded.

Can I modify my original description of the evidence?

Yes, you can alter your original description under the Supporting Information section on your dashboard.

What if I need help with the required documents?

If you need assistance with the documents, please refer to our evidence checklist, you can obtain this by reaching out to the team (

Where can I find information if the tenant disputes the charges?

If the tenant disputes the charges, please refer to our FAQ titled How do I know any disputes over charges will be resolved fairly?

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