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Addressing tenant settlement offers
Updated over a week ago

What should I do when I receive a proposed settlement from my tenant?

  1. When you receive a proposed settlement from your tenant, click Respond Now at the top of the page to review the proposal.

  2. You will find the details of the proposal along with the time remaining to either accept or reject the payment.

How do I accept a proposed settlement?

If you agree with the tenant's proposal, select Collect. This action will issue the agreed payment.

What if I find the proposal unsatisfactory?

If the proposal is unsatisfactory, you have the option to reject it. Below the proposal details, you will see the tenant’s response to the charges along with any supporting evidence. By selecting Reject, you can respond to each item individually, accepting proposals you find fair and challenge those you disagree with.

Can I add additional evidence to support my case?

Yes, you can supplement your response by adding any additional tenancy documents or evidence that supports your case.

What happens after I respond to the tenant's proposal?

After you respond, the tenant will have another seven days to accept or dispute the final offer you make.

What should I do if I need further assistance?

If you need further assistance, you can contact us through live chat or email ( for additional guidance.

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