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Mid-Tenancy Change: Addition Or Subtraction Of Tenant
Mid-Tenancy Change: Addition Or Subtraction Of Tenant
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To add a new tenant to the Reposit:

  • Before making changes to the Reposit, you will need to carry out a signed copy of the deed of assignment or a new AST, a copy of the incoming tenant agreeing to the original signed inventory, and a copy of the third-party referencing report showing the incoming tenant passed all required checks.

  • The incoming tenant will need to pay a fee of £50 to be added to the Reposit.

  • It is your responsibility to make sure the incoming tenant has completed all signup steps and paid their fee before accessing the property to ensure cover for the landlord.

  • As soon as the incoming tenant has been added and paid, they will be equally liable for end-of-tenancy charges.

  • To add a new incoming tenant, email us at with the property address and incoming tenant's name and email.

To remove a tenant from the tenancy:

  • Before removing a tenant, you must carry out affordability checks on the remaining tenant to ensure they can cover the increased/whole rent.

  • The remaining tenant must pass the referencing criteria for affordability for the new rent they are liable for (monthly rent x 30). If they do not pass, they cannot continue using Reposit. You must either check out the Reposit or find a substitute tenant.

  • You must conduct an inspection of the property to establish whether the outgoing tenant is liable for any cleaning, damages, re-let fees, or rent arrears. If they are, you must collect payment from them directly and cannot claim these charges through Reposit.

  • If the outgoing tenant is the last original tenant, you cannot add a new tenant or process a tenant swap on this Reposit.

  • To remove a tenant, follow either option A or B:

Option A: If there are charges that cannot be settled with the outgoing tenant

If the existing tenant is unwilling to take on liability, or you need to check out the property and submit charges against all tenants, you must check-out the Reposit and submit your charges. Only then can you proceed to create a new Reposit for the remaining tenant(s) to which they will be required to pay a new Reposit fee and you will be required to carry out all new standard tenancy documents (new tenancy agreement, referencing and inventory).

Option B: If there are no charges against the outgoing tenant

If the remaining tenant accepts liability for the outgoing tenant, you will need to email us at with the following and we will make the required changes on the Reposit:

  • The full property address as stated on the Reposit

  • The name of the outgoing tenant

Note: If these steps outlined in this FAQ are not carried out correctly, you may not be eligible for full cover at the end of the tenancy.

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