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Managing your Reposit - extending and checking out
Managing your Reposit - extending and checking out
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What should I do if my Reposit is nearing its end date?

You will receive a notification 30 days and then 7 days before your Reposit is due to end. This reminder indicates that action is needed.

How do I extend my Reposit if the tenant is remaining in the property?

  1. Log into your Reposit dashboard.

  2. At the bottom of the page, select the option to extend the Reposit.

  3. Enter the new end date.

    • If your contract is a rolling or periodic tenancy, you can either extend the Reposit month on month, or you could go ahead and extend for an additional 6 or 12 months. If the tenant was to move out prior to this new end date, you can checkout the Reposit at any time (see below).

  4. The new end date will be visible in the tenancy details.

Can I check out a Reposit before its end date?

Yes, if the tenancy ends before the Reposit’s end date, you can start the checkout process without waiting until the end date. See our [FAQ here] for more details.

When should I start the checkout process for a Reposit?

The checkout process should only be initiated once the tenant has moved out and a checkout report has or is about to be completed.

Can a Reposit be reopened after it has been checked out?

No, once a Reposit is checked out, it cannot be reopened. Please ensure you are checking out the correct Reposit.

What should I do if charges need to be raised against the tenant?

You have 24 days from the Reposit end date or check out date (whichever comes first) to create and submit charges.

Within these 24 days, you are required to submit all charges along with the corresponding evidence.

For more information on raising end-of-tenancy charges, please refer to our video titled Raising end-of-tenancy charges.

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