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I'm a guarantor, how does Reposit work?
I'm a guarantor, how does Reposit work?
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Welcome to Reposit!

We believe every tenant should enjoy financial freedom, especially when it comes to moving house and renting. We don’t think it makes sense for tenants to have their money tied up in a deposit scheme for a whole tenancy in case of an accident that might not even happen.

That is why we came up with an alternative solution!

Reposit is a new way for tenants to rent so they can pay less and live more. They can now save money for the things that really matter.

To rent a property, the tenant only needs to pay a non-refundable Reposit fee equivalent to one week's rent (subject to a minimum of £150). This enables them to move into the property faster without the financial burden of a large upfront payment.

This upfront saving means tenants can use the rest of your money however they want - invest in new furniture, buy flight tickets or put it aside in a savings account. It is as simple as that.

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