Who is eligible to use Reposit and what is the criteria?

If a tenant has passed the following referencing checks with their letting agent or landlord through a 3rd party provider they are eligible to use Reposit.

At a minimum referencing checks must cover the following:

  • Credit history check

Includes but is not limited to evidence of adverse credit histories such as CCJs, IVAs or bankruptcy

  • Identity verification

Provide a valid form of identification, such as a passport or driver's licence associated with the tenant to confirm their identity.

  • Affordability check

To show the tenant’s salary to be not less than 30x the monthly rent.

If a tenant fails the required references as listed above, they may still use Reposit using one of two options:

  • The tenant may use a UK-based guarantor who meets all the above criteria.
  • The tenant can pay six months of rent in advance.