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What happens if the tenant disagrees with my claim?

If the tenant disagrees with the claim raised against them they will be asked to submit evidence to support their dispute.

Before the claim is sent to our independent arbitrator, the tenant will be required to pay a £60 charge for disputing the claim. This is to avoid any tenants disputing a claim which has been raised fairly against them.

The case is then raised to adjudication via a third-party company - Independent Adjudication Services.

The case will be reviewed by IAS who will examine the evidence before making a decision. On average, disputes reach a decision within 14 days. This decision is final and Reposit has no influence over this decision.

Depending on the results produced, depends on whether the tenant is refunded the £60 dispute fee, please see below:

  • The ruling is wholly in the landlord's favour
    • The £60 fee will not be returned to the tenant
  • The ruling is adjusted and reduced (but greater than £60)
    • The £60 fee will be credited against the final amount due by the tenant(s)
  • The ruling is less than £60
    • The £60 charge will be partially or fully refunded back to the tenant and the claim closed