Mid-Tenancy Change - Transfer of Management

What should I do if the management of the property changes during the tenancy?

If the management of the property changes, the Reposit will need updating. If you are the current landlord, you will need to follow the steps for Mid-Tenancy Change - Landlord Change. Then email Reposit (hello@reposit.co.uk) with the following:

  • CC the new landlord or letting agent into the email
  • Confirm the property address
  • Confirm the tenant names and email addresses

The new landlord or letting agent will also need to collect relevant documents from the previous agent to ensure the Reposit is fully covered.

If you are the new landlord, you will need to ask the current managing agent or landlord to email Reposit with the necessary information and cc you in the email. Once you have completed your Reposit account, you can manage it using our Video Tutorials. You can extend or checkout the Reposit as needed, and submit end-of-tenancy charges if required. Refer to our Partner Guide for more information.


As the Landlord it's important to collect the following documents from the previous managing agent in case of end-of-tenancy charges:

    • Referencing certificate - You will need a copy of the original referencing certificate to show the tenant(s) was eligible to use Reposit. 
    • Signed tenancy agreement
    • Signed check-in report/inventory - If the previous letting agent does not provide a signed copy, then you will need to request that they provide you with the evidence that the inventory was made available to the tenant(s) at the start of the tenancy.
    • Any midterm inspection reports - If the tenancy is over 12 months since the commencement, the previous agent should provide yearly midterm inspection reports.
    • Full rent statement to date - You will need to obtain a full rent statement of the payments which the tenant made from the start of the tenancy until the present.
    • Any other documents relevant to the tenancy