Mid-Tenancy Change - Transfer of Management

We understand that from time to time there may be a transfer of management mid-way through a tenancy. 

If you are the existing managing agent


Whether the landlord or a new letting agent is taking over the management, please follow the below steps:


  1. The current letting agent will need to email hello@reposit.co.uk with the landlord or new letting agent who will be taking over management cc’d in.
  2. Please state:
    • The full property address
    • All of the tenant’s names on the Reposit


As the Reposit can only be in one organisation’s account and not multiple, please only let us know when a Reposit needs transferring over now. If the transfer is going to happen in a few weeks or months down the line, please get back in touch with us then.



If you are the new managing agent or landlord


It is important that you collect all of the relevant documents from the previous agent to ensure your Reposit is fully covered at the end of the tenancy if in the unlikely event you need to raise any end of tenancy charges. 


Please follow this checklist to ensure you have all of the documents:

  • Referencing certificate
    • You will need a copy of the original referencing certificate to show the tenant(s) was eligible to use Reposit. 
  • Signed tenancy agreement
  • Signed check-in report/inventory
    • If the previous letting agent does not provide a signed copy, then you will need to request that they provide you with the evidence that the inventory was made available to the tenant(s) at the start of the tenancy.
  • Any midterm inspection reports
    • If the tenancy is over 12 months since the commencement, the previous agent should provide yearly midterm inspection reports.
  • Full rent statement to date 
    • You will need to obtain a full rent statement of the payments which have been made by the tenant from the start of the tenancy until the present.

Once you have created your Reposit account, please head to our Video Tutorials. Here you will find a number of helpful guides of how to manage your Reposit, specific links can be seen below: