Mid-Tenancy Change - Straight Tenant Swap

For the purpose of the below options and examples, please see the following:

Tenant A - Remaining in the property

Tenant B - Outgoing tenant (mid-way through the tenancy)

Tenant C - Incoming tenant (mid-way through the tenancy)


A tenant swap occurs when an outgoing tenant is replaced by an incoming tenant during a tenancy.

As you can only submit charges through Reposit once the tenancy has ended, you will be required to settle any charges with the outgoing tenant (tenant B as per the reference above) off of the Reposit platform at the point of them leaving mid-tenancy. You cannot submit any charges through Reposit at the end of the Reposit for a tenant who has left mid-way through the tenancy. 


There are currently two ways to swap tenants on a Reposit:


1) Deed of Assignment

The best way to do this, although only possible in England in Wales, is to use the deed of assignment. This will need to be signed by the outgoing (tenant B) and the incoming tenant (tenant C). By using the deed of assignment, this will prevent the tenants from signing a new AST and having to complete a new inventory. However, please note that the incoming tenant (tenant C) will need to provide in writing that they agree to the original inventory. 


If you wish to proceed with option 1, the deed of assignment, you will need to email us (hello@reposit.co.uk) with the following:

  • The full property address as stated on the Reposit
  • The full name and email address of the incoming and outgoing tenants
If possible, please then attach the following documents (if not attached, we will ask for proof of these at the end of the tenancy if charges have been raise):
    • The completed deed of assignment from the change over
    • A copy of the incoming tenant agreeing in writing that they agree to the original signed inventory
    • A copy of the referencing showing the incoming tenant passed all required checks via a third-party provider
The incoming tenant will need to pay a fee of £50 to be added to the Reposit. We will request this from them directly. 

It is your responsibility to make sure the incoming tenant has complete all of the signed up steps and paid their £50 Reposit fee (through their dashboard) prior to having access to the property, to ensure cover is in place for the landlord. There will be no cover in place for the landlord until the tenant(s) have complete payment.

As soon as the incoming tenant has been added to the Reposit and they have completed the payment, they will then become equally liable for any end of tenancy charges at the end of their tenancy.

*Please note that an original tenant must remain named on the Reposit in order for a tenant swap to occur. 


2) New Reposit

The second way is to end the tenancy on our system and create an entirely new tenancy and Reposit.

You would be required to use option 2 if there are any deductions required from the tenancy that cannot be settled with the outgoing tenant off of the Reposit platform, or where the existing tenants are unwilling to take on the liability of the outgoing tenant. 

For this solution, we would need a new tenancy agreement to be issued and a new inventory check to take place. You will then need to create the Reposit on our system as if it was a new tenancy. The tenants will, therefore, need to pay for the new Reposit.