The tenant has paid me directly a partial/full amount for the end-of-tenancy charges submitted through Reposit

You should always encourage the tenant to settle the charges raised on your dashboard through Reposit. 

This is to avoid duplicate payments from the tenants.


We understand that from time to time, tenants may send you additional payments towards to end of tenancy charges after you have submitted a case on your Reposit dashboard. 

If this is the case, you must let us know immediately so that we can correct the amount we are charging the tenant. 

  • You can contact us via our live chat on our website -
  • Email us at

If the amount is not corrected, the tenant could face potential legal action for monies that have already been settled to the agent or landlord directly. In addition to this, you cannot collect money from both the tenant and Reposit resulting in duplicate payments.


If you have already received a payment from Reposit for the end of tenancy charges and the tenant also pays you an amount, then you will be required to refund Reposit for the amount paid by the tenant. 

Please let our team know if this is the case and we'll provide you with details to make the refund.