How do I know my landlords' properties are covered?

With Reposit, the landlord is the beneficiary of the insurance policy. That means there is no cooling-off period in which the tenant could potentially cancel the policy leaving your landlord’s property unprotected. 

As a beneficiary, the landlord is given the protection of claiming up to 8 weeks' worth of rent in the event that your tenant causes unreasonable damage, cleaning is required, re-let fees have accumulated or they have outstanding rent at end of tenancy. 

Our policies are underwritten by Canopius, a top Lloyd’s of London syndicate insurer. Reposit is also FCA authorised and FSCS protected. 

What is covered?

We honour whatever is in your own contract with the tenant up to the value of 8 weeks’ worth of rent. This includes but is not limited to, any damages to the property or garden, missing items, cleaning costs, re-let fees and unpaid rent.