Documents required for end of tenancy charges for a Switchover

In case you need to make a claim under a Switchover policy you will need to provide the following documents to evidence that the eligibility criteria have been met, and to provide any further evidence for the end of tenancy charges. 


You can find a detailed list of items required at the end of the tenancy, which has been summarised below.


Evidence required for EVERY claim for a Switchover Reposit:

  • Original signed Tenancy Agreement (AST)
  • Signed addendum to the AST
  • Rent Statement 
    • Showing there have been no rent arrears or rent holidays since the start of the tenancy prior to the switchover
  • Signed original inventory
  • Check-out report
  • An inspection* in place of the normal check-in inventory
    • *The inspection is only required for Reposits that commenced before 1st August 2021.

Evidence required for SPECIFIC claims:

  • Rent arrears statement from the start date of the Reposit (for rent arrears cases)
    • Also, evidencing rent chases ie emails, SMS or phone call transcripts etc
  • Evidence of re-let fees charged to the tenant
  • Quotes/invoices/receipts (for damages & cleaning)
  • Guarantor information