Are there any costs associated with Reposit?

As the letting agent, there are no costs associated with Reposit for using our service. Nor are there costs for the landlord of the property. 


All costs towards Reposit are paid by the tenant, these costs are:

  • Tenant Reposit fee - this is equivalent to 1 weeks worth of rent. 

For example, if the monthly rent is £400, the tenant would pay £92.31.

  • Tenant annual fee - this is a £30 payment made by the tenant every 12 months that they remain in the property.

This £30 fee is split between all of the tenants, therefore if there are 2 tenants on the agreement they will pay £15 each.

  • Tenant swap fee - If there are any change of tenants mid-way through the tenancy, the incoming tenant will be required to pay a fee of £50 to be added to the Reposit. You must also let the Reposit team know if there are any changes mid-tenancy. 
  • Tenant dispute fee -  In the case where you as the agent raises charges against the tenant, the tenant then has the opportunity to dispute these charges. If they choose to do this they are required to pay a £60.00 dispute fee to stop any unscrupulous disputes.